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Boston unveils Vedic portal
- May 20, 2003

by Hindu News bureau

Hyderabad-Boston Software Consultants has announced the launch of a portal with a difference.

The Vedic portal - www.vedamu.org - provides information on Vedas and Vedic literature. According to a communication from the company

The Portal, launched at Brindavan by Sri Satya Sai Baba, attemps to present age-old Vedas and Vedic literature in entirety as available in India. Divded into different sections, it provides a viewer with 18 hours of Vedic chanting. Audion recordings of parts of the Rig-Veda and Kirshna Yajurveda are also available in five different modules and can be accessed free of charge.

The site also hosts a video on the Rig-Veda with insights into the origin and creation of the Universe.

The Visitor can access this by downloading the same on payment. The site has Sanskrit text of the Vedas with bhashya or commentary by Sayanacharya.

In addition to these features, the site also hosts various books on the subtler aspects of Vedas, both in English and Telugu.

Other features include Vedic astrology that offers a complete set of astrological charts upon request. A consulting service is also provided.

In the vedic mathematics space, the site seeks to provide an integrated approach to learning maths by the application of sutras and upa-sutras from the Vedic texts.

A section on Ayurveda seeks to offer the user a search option to consult an online expert and its section on Sanskrit offers beginners a course in Sanskrit with explanation in English.

It hosts a forum for Vedic scholars where they can use it as a platform to contribute articles on Vedic learning and research. Later, it plans to host directory of Vedic schools on the site.

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